Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama Assails Iran for Violent Response to Protests


I read the article in the the New York Times website. Basically, the news article talks about the press conference at the White House. In the first hew paragraphs, Obama talks about Iran and what has been happening there. But during his speech, Obama used an unusually fierce tone in his voice. He talks about how he's outraged by false accusations of America condemning some demonstrations that left the rest of the world "appalled and outraged". Yet, he deplores that the violence has killed some protester including a young woman with her death caught on footage and was shown all across the world.

He then starts to talk about health care. He explains that it's not a "luxury" but a "necessity". Then, he starts to explain how he was once a smoker. He tells the press how he smoked from time to time but never everyday or in front of his family. The article then continues to tell about the reporters and how they crowded outside the room.

At first, I was quite surprised on how fierce he was talking, considering how he always goes for peace. But I realize how a president must always take action and be assertive. He may become a good president once he does something to restore the economy and give jobs back to the Americans suffering instead talking about himself and "preaching" to us Americans. But still, this is only my opinion.

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Battered economy won't stop July 4 fireworks"

This article I read states that more people will celebrate the 4th of July more than last year despite the economy. About 5 million more people will celebrate than last year. It is unknown for the reason behind this, though. Although, the celebrators may be more cautious on the costs due to the oil price spike.

The article didn't state much but it had me thinking of how we should celebrate. I keep thinking of how we should set up some small fireworks in the street and watch them light up. I remember how it was when I did it with my friends. Now I want to share this experience with my family. Now I just need to have Bo^/ agree with it and the rest of the family and where to set it up during the party and also hope for a cool, clear evening.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Under the Blood Red Sun"

I was reading some chapters within the book "Under the Blood Red Sun" where Tomi and his friend Billy went with Tomi's father to go fishing. Although, their fishing wasn't casual like a fishing trip. Their fishing was all for work. Tomi's father and his co-worker, Sanji, were fishermen on their small boat. Nearly everyday they would rack in dozens of fish and then sell them for profit.

During these chapters, Tomi basically described the trip with the smells, the sounds, and the pain as they strained to pull in the large yellowfins. In the end, his friend Billy finally pulled in a hundred-fifty pound yellowfin.

Although, the end of the chapters foreshadowed something saying, "that was before the spying". My inference is that all of the people in Hawaii are starting to doubt the Japanese origin people due to the recent Pearl harbor. Although, it's not up to me to determine what the book is going to bring, but it's the writer. I only thought of that idea because the book was based off the events that happened after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. People started to become paranoid and patriotic to an extreme point of murder. All of this is history.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Autistic people better at problem solving than non-autistics: Research

I read an article online about an experiment conducted by Soulieres, a psychologist. Basically, he conducted a test that tested the subject's hypothesis-testing, problem solving and learning skills. This test is called Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices. The subject had to complete the pattern which regarded shapes and colors.
The results showed that the people with autism responded faster than those who did not have autism. Soulieres, the person who conducted the experiment, believed that the children with autism pays more attention to physical details.

"We showed that people with autism can achieve much more than they're given the chance to," she said. "We have to work with them instead of simplifying everything for them."

This article, I believe, has shown how people with autism are not those to be looked down but instead looked to those who can contribute to society in ways we can't. Then I remember Huan and remind myself how he sees things that no one else does.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Wave

The Wave is a book by Todd Strasser. It was about a teacher who wanted to teach his students how the Germans were ignorant towards their actions in WWII. Therefore, he started an experiment with his students and the Wave organization. The Wave organization started out in his classroom and the students had uniformed procedures to answer questions and acting within class. They answered with "Mr Ross" before every answer and question and they had to stand beside their desk. It became so successful because this procedure took so little time to go through their lessons. It somehow motivated them to become better in an organized group. The Wave soon spread throughout the school and used for so many other things other than within the classroom like at the football field. But, the school started to force others to join. They resorted to violence and isolation in order to recruit students. It evolved from a class experiment to a school wide fad. On the brink of when it was to spread to the public, Mr Ross showed the students how they were acting. They were acting as if the Nazis did. They recruited as much as possible and hurt those who didn't. By doing so, the students were appalled by their behaviors and wanted to never repeat this.
I thought this was a very interesting book. It shows how the human can't think other humans can possibly do that sort of harm. Humans turn a blind eye towards themselves and hold themselves in a higher position than they truly are. Yet, there are some humans who see this truth and want to enlighten others, such as Todd Strasser.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Journal Entry May 5, 2009

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."
-Anne Frank

What is truly evil? I believe evil is all in the mind. Evil is but an option that not everybody shares. For example, Hitler was hated by everybody. He is believed to be evil but not everybody agrees. People in Germany think he was a "hero". Even the US thought so, too. He rescued Germany from depression. I''m nut saying how Hitler is good but evil is an opinion. Even the 9/11 hijackers. They were "evil" in some opinions but others may look upon them and see that they were nationalists. They've killed hundreds but only for what they believed in. or some they were heroes willing to make the biggest sacrifice. Again, I'm not saying they're good, in fact they're "evil" in my opinion but evil is all in the mind.
So if a bully is picking on you or you're fighting with someone, look into their point of view and see what they are fighting for or against. They may have a goal worth fighting for.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Never Again...

I wanted to help this family. I wanted with all my heart. I wanted to stop everyone from fighting. All the time. All the time Bo^/ yells at Ba?o. All of the time. Every time I see this, it tears my heart. I see them yell at each other. Ba?o tries acting so dramatic all of the time. He uses his emotions to shield himself while it ends up as his Achilles' Heel.

Well, I tried my best. I tried to keep the happy face for this family. I tried to stop them...but instead, I was a reason to fight. My positive example led as a goal they ignored and forgotten. So I concede. I accept that never again will this family be happy. Never again will we stop fighting with each other. Never again will we stop blaming each other. Never again...