Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama Assails Iran for Violent Response to Protests


I read the article in the the New York Times website. Basically, the news article talks about the press conference at the White House. In the first hew paragraphs, Obama talks about Iran and what has been happening there. But during his speech, Obama used an unusually fierce tone in his voice. He talks about how he's outraged by false accusations of America condemning some demonstrations that left the rest of the world "appalled and outraged". Yet, he deplores that the violence has killed some protester including a young woman with her death caught on footage and was shown all across the world.

He then starts to talk about health care. He explains that it's not a "luxury" but a "necessity". Then, he starts to explain how he was once a smoker. He tells the press how he smoked from time to time but never everyday or in front of his family. The article then continues to tell about the reporters and how they crowded outside the room.

At first, I was quite surprised on how fierce he was talking, considering how he always goes for peace. But I realize how a president must always take action and be assertive. He may become a good president once he does something to restore the economy and give jobs back to the Americans suffering instead talking about himself and "preaching" to us Americans. But still, this is only my opinion.

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